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Kenneth Fisher - LR and PS Videos

The Lightroom series by Kenneth Fisher 

Video 1 - Featured in Phototrain Magazine Issue 1.

Getting Started With Lightroom

Aimed at the beginner Ken explains just exactly what Lightroom is for, what it does and how it works. See how it such a good base for cataloguing your photography collection, its space saving editing techniques and how it can interact with it’s partner Adobe Photoshop. Remember to click to view full screen to get the best viewing wise. Enjoy that soothing northern accent and some wit along the way!

Video 2 - Featured in Phototrain Magazine Issue 1.

Making a New Catalogue

In the 1st Video we looked at what Lightroom really is and where it  ts in the Adobe Editing Software Jigsaw. In this video let us start our journey of discovery and delve into a super important subject, Catalogues.

How do we make them, and how can we use them?

Understanding catalogues will take you a tad, or maybe two tads closer to becoming a Lightroom Ninja.

Video 3 Featured in Phototrain

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